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ФОТО: За 10 месеци ослабела 30 килограми – сега е вистинска бомба

Дваесет и осум годишната Австралијанка Луси Лизмор, изгубила 30 килограми за само 10 месеци, а не одела во теретана.

Вежбала дома, но не и во теретана и тоа повремено.

Нејзините утра започнувале со одбирање облека која потсетува на вреќа, која ќе го сокрие телото и масните наслаги, но и со мафин или кроасан за доручек, со голема шолја засладено кафе.

За ужина бирала енеергетска плочка со житарици и сок од портокал, а после тоа уште едно засладено кафе. За ручек багет богат со шунка и салата или суши.


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I am really passionate about meeting people who want to lose weight but don’t know where to start. That was me… I weighed 90kg, thought I was eating healthy and didn’t even know how to get started with exercise! It was a confusing time full of conflicting information about what diet you should eat and what exercise you should perform! – After losing 30kgs it’s clear to me now that to lose fat it boils down to 3 key changes… . 1. Eat less 2. Move more 3. Be consistent – That’s it – that’s the formula to lose fat. Forget all the other information you are overloaded with, because it all in essence is based on the same 3 principles. – It’s not about completely restricting your food intake, just simply eat less calories – however if you want to eat in volume, choosing more nutrient dense, fibre rich foods will be much more beneficial that foods with lots of saturated fats and sugar, as well as better for your overall health. – With regards to exercise there is a huge variety of options available and I guarantee you will find some form of movement which you truely enjoy and that enriches your life. I lost nearly all of the weight I lost without ever stepping foot in a gym (the idea petrified me)! – Above all consistency is the ultimate key to losing fat. Ignore the naysayers, ignore the plateaus and constant monitoring and it will happen! I promise ⭐️! – Finally the reason I am so passionate about this topic and meeting people like me is not because losing weight makes you look better and feel better about yourself necessarily – because quite frankly I still have many days I feel exactly the same. – However, through this journey I have found something that has added so much happiness, learning and strength to my life and that is the exercise I do every day and the people I meet through it! ❤️

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За вечера најчесто бирала тестенини, а за десерт сладолед.Имала 90 килограми кога одлучила да промени нешто за да ослабе.

Нејзината исхарана почнала да се базира на зеленчук, особено поради тоа што боледува од псоријаза.

Кога телото ќе побарало месо конзумирала тоа што му недостасувало. Наместо порција сладолед јадела темно чоколадо.

За десет месеци ослабела 30 килограми, почнала интензивно да вежба, да има повеќе енергија, а притоа ѝ се вратила самодовербата.

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